Get Started

Thank you so much for purchasing our item. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to contact us via the support tab at Themeforest. Thank you so much!


Step 1: Download The Theme & Locate ""

Login to your themeforest account page, and navigate to "Download" tab to download the item you have purchased from ThemeForest. Click the download link "All files & documentation", after that be sure to extract the zip file and inside it browse to "Installable-Theme-Inside/". The "" file is the one you want to upload to WordPress.

If you have previously download the theme by clicking the “Installable WordPress file only” link at your Themeforest download page, you're ready to go!

Step 2: Install Via WordPress or FTP

Login to your WordPress administrator page. You can upload the theme zip file in "Appearance > Themes" and click the "Add New" button on the top of page. After that click "Upload Theme" button at the top of page, upload the zip file, once it has done, click Activate the theme.

You also can manually upload the theme files via FTP into "/wp-content/themes/" path at your hosting, once all files uploaded - you can log-in into your wp-admin and activate the theme

If you found any strange situation when installing the theme, please let us know ASAP.

Step 3: Installing Recommended Plugins

Once you have installed and activated the theme, you will be prompted to install recommended plugins. Just click the link to begin installing plugins. We have packed all core options and features into 1 plugin "Brayn Core". You MUST activate this plugin to enabled all options and features. You also need to install and activate the "Elementor" plugin to get the same features as the demo.

Again, if you found any strange situation when installing the theme, please let us know ASAP.

Import Demo Data

Before importing the demo data, make sure you have installing and activate all required plugins Brayn Core, Elementor and One Click Demo Import.

Please follow a short tutorial below

Once you have install and activate All Required plugins. Go to "Appearance > Import Demo Data" menu as shown on image below.

Click the "Import Demo Data" button. You will see a text below the button says "Importing, please wait!". Please do wait, and don't navigate away from this page until the import process is finish, as shown on image below.

Please be patient when importing the demo. Don't navigate away from the current page until the importer has done importing the content and settings, or you might break the import process.

If you see a 502 bad gateway error when importing the sample data please contact your hosting company since this is a server side error.

Elementor Global Settings

After importing the demo data, you need to setup some Elementor's global settings so it will not override your site's font and colors.

Please navigate to "Elementor > Settings", and disabled the default color and font from Elementor.

If you're new with Elementor, please follow the official documentation here

Homepage Setup

By default the homepage will look like a blog (this is how WordPress is intended to work). If you want a custom homepage you can create it using the Elementor then go to Settings > Reading and you can define your homepage there. Make sure you have created and published your homepage page prior. If you don’t have any pages or all your pages are currently drafts then you won’t be able to see the settings in the screenshot below.

Theme Settings

This theme has no "Custom" theme settings page. All you need to do is navigate to Appearance > Customize to setup some settings available on this theme.

This theme includes some of easy to use options to customize the design of your site. Most of your theme options can be found in the live WordPress theme customizer. Our theme uses only native WordPress functions, or you should be familiar with the way the Customizer looks and works. Simply navigate to Appearance > Customize to make changes to the design of your website.

Site Identity

In this section, you can setup your website Logo, Site Title & Tagline, Copyright Text and also favicon image.

Site Elements

Enabled/disabled some site elements, easy.

Menu Widgets

Control 2 custom menu widgets. You can also disabled them if you think you do not need this feature. Some people love minimalism

Blog Archive

Define how the blog archive of you site should be displayed. Select the layout, and post listing. These settings may be overridden for individual category and tag.

Custom Skin

The default theme skin is use minimalist black and white concept, but we believe not everyone love this color concept. That's why we provide a custom skin settings, where you can set the custom color for your website. Do not forget to activate the "Enable Custom Skin" option in "Base Styling" section, to activate the custom color skin on the front-end of your website.

Fonts & Typography

Select from 500+ google web fonts for heading and body text. Find the best font for your site easily! Set the base font size and all heading font size. Since almost all font have diifferent characteristic, you might need to adjust the font size everytime you pick a new font for your site.

Additional CSS

If you have huge changes in the theme style, we suggest you to create a child theme.

But instead of changing the theme's css file directly, you can place your css codes here - it is the best way to save your changes since it will not get removed when the theme get updated into new version.

Custom Metabox

Page Metabox

Since WordPress 5.0, your editing screen will looks bit different than usual. To make sure it flow with the new WordPress UI, we listed the custom metabox in the right hand side. For page, you have options to show/hide the page title and enter custom sub-title.

Post Metabox

For post, you have an option choose the single post layout.


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